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Newbury Street - Best attractions in Boston

Newbury Street is one of the most vibrant streets in Boston and a shopper's and diner's paradise. It goes from the Boston Public Garden until Massachusetts Avenue and contains tons of shops, boutiques and restaurants. Newbury Street is a top tourist destination in Boston and also attracts many locals.

The two mile stretch that is now Newbury Street used to be underwater and part of the Boston Harbor. Starting in 1857, the area started being filled up to become the current Back Bay neighborhood in the city.The Newbury Street name comes from the victory of the Puritans in 1643 during the Battle of Newbury in the English Civil War. The street was mostly residential during the 19th Century and the first retail store opened on Newbury in 1905.

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During the 1970s and 80s, Newbury started becoming a more popular shopping destination with the opening of Newbury Comics, a chain of stores selling primarily CDs started out by two MIT students. A significant number of art galleries also began sprouting up on Newbury Street, along with other iconic independent shops selling music and books such as Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop and E.U. Wurlitzer Music and Sound. With time, more and more retailers started leasing space on Newbury Avenue as the street became increasingly popular with shoppers and tourists.

Today, Newbury Street is home to hundreds of restaurants, shops and stores selling anything you could imagine in charming tree-lined brownstones.There are a total of eight blocks of stores. The higher-end boutiques are located closer to the Boston Public Garden side of Newbury Street, while the less expensive stores, also Bohemian shops are closer to Massachusetts Avenue.

Boston City  -  Atractions in Boston

Newbury Street is known to be one of the most expensive streets in the world with the luxury brands such as Valentino, Kate Spade, Cartier, Chanel, Burberry and Donna Karan. If you're looking for more affordable apparel choices for men and women, check out Forever 21, BeBe, United Colors of Benetton, Guess and Ann Taylor. If you're looking to buy shoes, check out Puma, Aldo Shoes, Niketown, Cole Haan and Converse.

Newbury Street also has a great number of department stores such as Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney's New York and if you want more affordable clothing, Filene's Basement. If you are tired of national chains, you'll find that Newbury Street has tons of specialty shops selling gifts, jewelry, beauty products, home furnishings, antiques, glassware, rugs and carpets, chocolates, candy, books, toys, crafts and watches. These are the places where you are more likely to make one of a kind finds so make sure you visit them.

Boston City  -  Atractions in Boston

Besides shopping, many people also come to Newbury Street to eat at one of its incredible restaurants. There are many eateries catering to all tastes and budgets and serving cuisines from all over the world including Italian, French, American, Thai, Chinese and many others. While there are many delicious eateries to choose from, be sure to check out the highly-rated Tapeo and Sonsie restaurants on Newbury Street. There are also many convenience stores, groceries, bakeries and other gourmet stores such as Trader Joe's where you can get food on the go, perhaps to eat at the nearby Boston Public Garden.

Newbury Street is also a great nightlife destination with many bars, pubs, coffeehouses, and theatre. No matter what you like, you are bound to have a good time on Newbury Street.Note that if you plan on driving to Newbury Street, there are many parking garages in the area where you can leave your car if you don't find street parking.

Newbury Street is located between the Boston Public Garden and Massachusetts Avenue in the Back Bay section of Boston.

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